Cukurova Polistren, besides decorative products as Ready for use Carton-Pierre, EPS Roof Plate, Lamp Cores, Patterned Carton-Pierre, Facade Jamb, Windowsill, Joint Gap, Column, Bedplate, Buttress … etc.; it also appeals to insulation group with Insulating Boards and Hollow/Filler product ranges. 2012 ESTABLISHEDThe production started in 2000 m2 production facility. 2013 GROWEDIt became one of the favorite brands in the market and decided to expand its current production facility; and it increased its production capacity much more by carrying the manufacturing facilities in a closed area of 7000 m2 2014 GROWED FURTHERIts production has continued now in a manufacturing area of 10.000 m2 2015 JUNE RESTRUCTUREWe lost certain part of our facility as a result of fire accident in June. We restarted our production in a new manufacturing facility based on Organized Industrial Zone within just 10 days with our strong team and belief among us. 2015 GROWING STRONGER Cukurova Polistren, which carries on business abroad, exports its goods to south and north of Iraq. Also its export plans started towards Morocco, Algeria, Iran and Lebanon. Each employee has its own leadership within the framework of its own job; and Cukurova Polistren enables its employees to take their own responsibilities and use their own initiative within frame of its flexible structure. There are 40 manual workers and 10 skilled worker in Cukurova Polistren. Within scope of our product and services, we generated a quality management system which aims to meet the customer satisfaction, effective management of customer feedback, efficient usage of resources, on-time delivery and continuous improvement. Accordingly, we obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 certificates. Cukurova Polistren, which is the most preferred business partner of Construction Companies and Building Contractors; provides also special opportunities to individual consumers with its fair price policy besides its quality product and service concept. Furthermore, Cukurova Polistren contributes to the budgets of its customers who have their house built by offering wholesale prices in retail.

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